Stadelmann Aroma Blends Cover
Stadelmann Aroma Blends Cover
Ingeborg Stadelmann

Original Stadelmann Aroma Blends

English translation of excerpts from the work: Bewährte Aromamischungen. Mit ätherischen Ölen leben, gebären, sterben

From Allgäuer Föhn-Öl / Allgäu Foehn Oil, which provides relief in cases of headache and sensitivity to the weather, and the wound-healing Rose-Teebaum- Essenz / Rose-Tea-Tree Essence to the mourning blend Sprachlos / Speechless and – at the end of the alphabet – Zyklus- Laune/Menstrual Mood, which helps women cope with PMS, all of her mixtures are described here in detail.

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ISBN 978-3-9803760-4-4
107 Pages, broschure
Translation by Judith Rosenthal
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